JORDAN – Amman, Madaba, Mt. Nebo and Dead Sea

The view of Amman in the background!

Amman – Toured the Citadel which has the ruins of the Temple of Hercules, a Byzantium Church and the Ummayud Palace.

Citadel, Roman Theatre.jpg



The courtyard has a couple of great lookout points with views of downtown Amman.  There is a museum here which has impressive artifacts from the Stone and Bronze Age.


Citadel, Roman Theatre (2).jpg

Hercules does not work here anymore!

The Roman Theatre can be viewed from a platform on the way down from the Citadel.  The platform is spacious enough for a group of people to pose together, which is exactly what we did.


Group pic with the Roman theatre in the background!

At Madaba, we visited the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.

Madaba, St2.jpg


This Church has a 6th Century Byzantium mosaic map that is made up of 2 million pieces of colored stone and shows the holy sites around Jordan, including Jerusalem.  Madaba literally means “The City of Mosaics.”

The Mosaic Map!

Enroute our tour guide took us to a Mosaic factory where we saw how tiny pieces of mosaic were glued together by skilled artisans to make beautiful pottery, paintings and even furniture.

Impressive handmade mosaic patterns on wall hangings and pottery!

20161011_150544 (2).jpg

Mount Nebo is believed to be the place where Moses was buried and for this reason is a pilgrimage stopover for all the tourists who come there.

20161011_140730 (2).jpg


The sanctuary has a church and just outside the premises is a Serpentine Cross, a tall symbol of the brass serpent that Moses raised up in the desert, as also a symbol of the cross on which Christ was crucified.

20161011_143627 (2).jpg

Moses once stood on this mountain and looked over to the Jordan River Valley, Jerusalem, Jericho and the Dead Sea in the distance.


This spectacular view is still visible today.  So much history here.


Lush Olives!

Dead Sea was our last stopover for the day.  We checked into the Ramada Resort, changed into our swimwear and headed down to a private section of the Dead Sea beach.


The Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea and simply remains there as this sea has no outlet.  The Dead Sea is 1500 feet below sea level and the salinity here is 8.6 times higher than a regular ocean.


IMG-20161012-WA0053 (2).jpg
Floaters all!

Coupled with the fact that it has over 25 different minerals, the sea predictably has no fish or other living creatures that otherwise thrive in water.

Sunset over the Dead Sea!

Our group floated on the water (many of us felt our skin burning), applied the blackish mud all over and went for a final rinse.


After this once in a lifetime experience at the Dead Sea, it was dinner at the Ramada. The perfect ending to our Jordan Sojourn.

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