OMAN – Follow your heart to a great destination!

Why should you visit the Sultanate of Oman? Why ever not? This is the water trail that leads the dolphins, whales and giant turtles from oceans far away, guiding their nesting instincts to the mysterious depths of the Arabian Ocean and the expansive ‘Gulf Coast’ of Oman. The birds come too, migrating in considerable numbers … Continue reading OMAN – Follow your heart to a great destination!

EGYPT – The Cairo Experience

THIS time, THIS place and THESE people – this is a civilization that has always fascinated me.  Over time, the fascination has been heightened, thanks to the Egyptian mythology that has come alive on celluloid and between the pages of a Wilbur Smith novel – a racy imaginary sojourn through the land of the Pharaohs, … Continue reading EGYPT – The Cairo Experience