20160710_122235My name is Shaly.  The Pereira is a necessary tag.  Both names are now my external identifications.

Deep inside I’m a conformist, except when taking up for the underdog.

A lethargic soul, unless in the midst of nature.  There, I come alive.

A Coffee Addict, who has a regular dose of Moroccan Mint tea.

Some days I struggle to find the real me.  But mostly I’m happy in my skin and enjoy all the God given roles I’m blessed with. My blog is not just about my travels, which I’m pretty passionate about.  It’s also about the people and issues I care for.  I have an intense dislike for sycophancy.  Whenever I feel strongly about an issue, I write about it. Its always worthwhile to take a stand for the truth even at the risk of going against popular public opinion.

At some point in this journey of life, I hope to find that place in my soul that connects me to the divine.  Until then, I shall walk the trail of life. Searching, Feeling, Writing…

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