20160710_122235My name is Shaly.  The Pereira is a necessary tag.  Both names are now my external identifications.

Deep inside I’m a conformist, except when taking up for the underdog.

A lethargic soul, unless in the midst of nature.  There, I come alive.

A Coffee Addict, who has a regular dose of Moroccan Mint tea.

Some days I struggle to find the real me.  But mostly I’m happy in my skin and enjoy all the God-given roles I’m blessed with. My blog is not just about my travels, which I’m pretty passionate about.  It’s also about the people and issues I care for.  Whenever I feel strongly about an issue, I write about it. My inspiration comes from people who take a stand for the truth and from places that are birthed from simplicity.

At some point in this journey of life, I hope to find that place in my soul that connects me to the divine.  Until then, I shall walk the trail of life. Searching, Feeling, Writing…

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