Redwoods & Sequoias – The Gentle Giants of California

The Muir Woods in northern California and the King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Forest in central California – two different locations and two different visits yet, I have clubbed them together here in this write-up for the similarity of experience I had in both places. Living on this earth for eons, these redwood and sequoia … Continue reading Redwoods & Sequoias – The Gentle Giants of California

Sacramento, California – My Moments in the Sun!

Here I was in Sacramento, the capital of California, just three days before the 4th of July.  The city was bedecked in the blue, white and red colors of the American flag.  The festive atmosphere and the beautiful weather were close friends that summer. It was a wonderful time of the year to visit with … Continue reading Sacramento, California – My Moments in the Sun!

Alone this Christmas?

It’s never easy to be alone during the Christmas season.  Your colleagues at the office will be talking about going on family trips, there will be decorations everywhere on the streets, and everyone you know is busy shopping for presents.  Then when you get home and switch on the television, there’s good old Santa telling … Continue reading Alone this Christmas?

Udaipur, India – The Royal Road!

My hubby’s handsome cousin from Montreal decided to have his wedding in Udaipur and the family went whacky trying to book the best possible ticket deals. It helped that everyone had advance notice and come September 2015, the bride and grooms family and friends descended on the quaint town of Udaipur from all parts of … Continue reading Udaipur, India – The Royal Road!