Road Tripping through Scotland on a Highlands Tour

Driving the open roads is by far one of our most favorite ways to explore any destination—especially one as stunning as Scotland. Remember our article about exploring castles on a Scotland road trip?

Guest contributor Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85 has already taken us to beautiful Stirling, but now she’s here to take us on a Scotland highlands tour. You’re going to love this adventure-filled road trip through rolling green landscapes, mysterious lochs and even a blue sheep or two.

Tips for a Scotland Highlands Tour

Of all the scenic trips one can take in Scotland, the Highland Tour is perhaps the most rewarding for any nature lover. The terrain is unspoiled and draws you in at first sight—wide open green plains, cottony clouds hanging really low and a crisp nippy breeze that brings a rosy glow to the most tanned of skins. And of course, if you go in winter, there’s snow—lots of it—and it dazzles even when the sun’s brilliance is dimmed by those clouds.

St. Andres Cathedral ruins.JPG

An ideal place to start a Scottish highlands tour would be from Bridge of Allan in Stirling. Known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands,’ Stirling holds the highlands and lowlands together like a tightly wired clasp. And it’s only a short drive away from Loch Lomond and Scotlands first National Park—the Trossachs.

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