On the Orca trail in the San Juan Islands

Travel takes on a very special meaning for those who travel the world looking for wildlife. If you love heading to off-the-beaten-path destinations to see beautiful animals in their natural habitat, look no further than the San Juan islands. Follow along as our guest contributor, Shaly Pereira from traveltoes85, takes us on a beautiful adventure around the Orca trail in San Juan Islands.


In January this year, Tilikum, the oldest Orca in Sea World died of lung infection. Tilikum had spent 33 years of his life in captivity, entertaining millions of visitors at Sea World. He was the perfect example of a magnificent animal captured by man, separated from his family and used for entertainment.

I visited the San Juan Islands early this month and found various reminders of Tilikum in Friday Harbor, put up by whale lovers. In a coffee shop here, at a portion of the wharf there, on a beautiful schooner – all keepsakes in memory of the famous Orca. According to Jeffery Venter, a marine trainer, “San Juan Island is the unofficial home of Blackfish,” the much acclaimed CNN film that brought the plight of captive whales to the forefront.

Read more here:  https://myitchytravelfeet.com/ san-juan-islands/.




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